A family run company, Simply Fresh has become Canberra’s biggest fruit and vegetable operation within just eight years of opening the first outlet in Westfield Woden. Since then the family owned and operated business launched a second successful Simply Fresh Outlet in the Canberra Centre. Both Simply Fresh Outlets have won a series of important industry awards as follows:

  • Sydney Markets NSW/ACT Metropolitan Greengrocer of the Month August 2007
  • Runner up in Top Ten NSW/ACT Greengrocer of the Year 2006 & 2007
  • Runner up in Top Five NSW/ACT Greengrocer of the Year 2003 & 2005
  • Canberra Centre Excellence in Retail September 2005
  • Canberra Centre Excellence in Retail Category Food Home Consumption 2004/2005
  • Sydney Markets NSW/ACT Metropolitan Greengrocer of the Month October 2005
  • Sydney Markets NSW/ACT Regional Greengrocer of the Year 2004
  • Sydney Markets NSW/ACT Regional Greengrocer of the Month February 2004
  • Lend Lease Retailer of the Year 2003
  • Sydney Markets NSW/ACT Greengrocer of the Month July 2003
  • Lend Lease Best Merchandiser of the Year 2002
  • Sydney Markets NSW/ACT Regional Greengrocer of the Year 2002

The Simply Fresh brand has achieved strong market acceptance as a premium supplier of fresh produce and value added products. Simply Fresh Fruit Market’s dynamic management team have taken fruit and vegetable retailing to a whole new level. The fruit is not just piled up, it is colour coded and the displays are arranged to complement one another. The care and attention to detail means that Simply Fresh is an easy and exceptionally pleasant place to shop; the ticketing and labeling is well placed and easy to read, staff are on hand to answer questions immediately and the produce, which is delivered daily is as fresh as you could imagine. The Simply Fresh staff are in the stores from about 5.00am setting up the displays and the produce goes through rigorous inspection. If something looks less than perfect, it’s not put on display.

The Simply Fresh Fruit Market is structured to respond to rapid changes to consumer demand. Employing a team of experienced buyers within the Sydney Fruit and Vegetable Markets, the Company ensures consistent and reliable product supply and rapid response to consumer requirements.

Simply Fresh Fruit Market has become a gourmet mecca for those who appreciate good food and cooking. A chef is employed to prepare fresh stir-fry mixes, soup mixes, fruit salads and much more for quick, healthy meals. Simply Fresh carries a large number of Asian vegetables and specialty ingredients, including banana leaves, guava, hairy melon, bitter melon, sinquar, okra, taro root, lotus root, yams, banana bells, panda leaf, beetle leaf, Thai basil, Vietnamese mint, fresh turmeric, fresh galangla and many more. The large grocery range includes your basic items such as bread, milk, eggs, cream as well as a large variety of Asian groceries, Continental groceries and Gourmet groceries. There is a range of items so you can buy a making of an entire meal.

Simply Fresh Fruit Market’s formula for success is a wide and varied range of fresh produce economically priced and attractively merchandised in high profile, high traffic flow shopping centres.
Simply Fresh Fruit Market retail outlets are practical in appearance and easy for staff to service. They provide consumers with value for money and good, old fashioned service. The integrated wholesale/retail operation provides an opportunity to supply quality, seasonal products at competitive prices.

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